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A Visit to the Wallace Collection

on February 9, 2012

The Wallace Collection Museum


We recently visited the Wallace Collection which is located at Manchester Square in London. It has one of the world’s private collections of art. It’s a former family home of the four Marquesses of Hertford and Sir Richard Wallace.

One of the highlights of the visit is seeing the works of Baroque painters Rembrandt and Rubens, who are two of the most famous artists of that time. Baroque is an artistic style that uses exaggeration of motion and detail to produce drama, exuberance and grandeur. It uses a lot of play of light and shadow, a style called chiaroscuro.

At the collection I saw Peter Paul Rubens’ massive painting called ”Landscape with a Rainbow” which he painted in 1638. I like the painting because it is very colourful and very detailed. And it’s also very realistic. It made me see what life was like back then when he painted this.

My dad and brother looking at the ''Landscape with a Rainbow'' by Rubens

The Wallace House has been refurbished to showcase their collection of intricate porcelain and furniture. Everything was so beautiful, including the detail on the ceilings, the walls, it was so grand everywhere. the courtyard was also transformed into a restaurant where we had brunch. Go to to plan your visit.

One of the rooms where the ornate furniture and porcelain were displayed


beautiful detail on the ceilings


having brunch at the courtyard of the Wallace Collection


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