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The Natural History Museum London

on May 5, 2012

Another amazing place to visit in London is the Natural History Museum. This place is massive! The museum is divided into zones (colors) so you can find your way easy. The Museum’s grand entrance hall includes the Diplodocusskeleton, a 1,300-year-old giant sequoia tree, Darwin’s statue and the coelacanth, a prehistoric fish still living in the Indian Ocean. There was also a gallery of diamonds, mostly from jewelry maker De Beers. We marveled at the beautiful historic artworks, and modern images of nature. There was so much to see, like the world of massive mammals; you can observe a blue whale, the largest creature ever from above and below. Again, there was so much to see. The good thing is they have online exhibitions too so check it out.

Medusa, don’t look!

see the scale of that?

blue whale

entering “earth” at the Natural History Museum

gigantic fossils


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