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My 1st Riding Lesson at Hyde Park

on June 13, 2012

Two days ago, I took my first horse riding lesson at Hyde Park Stables in London. The stables are right in the middle of the city so we had to ride through traffic to cross over to Hyde Park.

I was scared when I first mounted Dell, my pony, but my instructor calmed me down and I was confident to ride by the first minute.

On the first lesson, I was taught how to mount and dismount a horse, and hold the reigns and use them to ride. When you ride you have to wear proper attire too so you will be comfortable. My mom got me jodhpurs, and the school lent me riding hat and boots, I will get my own when I start my beginner riding course this summer. It was pouring rain but I didn’t mind, it was so fun. I’ve always loved horses but I learned how caring and sensitive they really are. After my lesson I gave Dell a hug and he gestured and gave me a kiss back. I’m looking forward to my next lessons.


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